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Hi-Fidelity on LOPEZ TONIGHT show with DAVID DUCHOVNEY on
one of five appearances as
The Freud-Tones
- left to right - Gregg Bernhard,
Martin Fredstrom, David Duchovny, Dan Jordan and Ken Potter
The Perfect Gentlemen with JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE on the
ESPY Awards
left to right: Bob Hartley,
Dan Jordan, Matt Smith
and Phil Gold
- front - Justin Timberlake
TPG with Justin Timberlajke on the ESPY's http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xh_9qkik0_k
The Perfect Gentlemen with
Gene Simmons on E! Channel's
- back left to right -
Phil Gold, Dan Jordan, Tim Reeder and Jim Campbell
- front / center - Gene Simmons
TPG with Gene Simmons of Gene Simmons Family Jewels
The Perfect Gentlemen opening act
for JAY LENO at San Manuel Casino
- left to right -
Jim Campbell, Dan Jordan, Jay Leno,
Tim Reeder and Phil Gold
The New Tradition headlining with The King's Singers on the "Summer in the City" concert at the Barbcan Centre in London.
- front l to r - John "Groucho" Miller, Dan "Chico" Jordan, Bob "Harpo" Gray, Jr., John "Zeppo" Sherburn back l to r - Bruce Russell,
Simon Carrington, Jeremy Jackman, Stephen Connolly, Alastair Hume, Bob Chilcott
The 139th Street Quartet singing with NEIL DIAMOND on his ABC/HBO Christmas Specials
- left to right -
Doug Anderson,
Dan Jordan, Neil, Dr. Jim Kline
and John Sherburn
(subbing in for Pete Neushul)
139 with Neil Diamond / Christmas Special http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpChZhthnL4
Singing with Nickelodeon at a private Valentine's Day concert for Beach Boy Brian Wilson
and his family
- left to right -
Ken Neufeld,
Kevin Dalby, Brian,
Bill New and Dan Jordan
Hi-Fidelity unveils its newest show production - Elvis...Unplugged
- left to right -
Gregg "Elvis" Bernhard,
Martin "Elvis" Fredstrom,
Dan "Elvis" Jordan
and Craig "Elvis" Ewing
Hi-Fidelity revives the classic Star Trek (60s television icons) routine originally presented by The New Tradition 1985 International Quartet Champions
- left to right -
Gregg "Bones" Bernhard,
Martin "Spock" Fredstrom,
Dan "Kirk" Jordan
and Craig "Scotty" Ewing 
Hi-Fidelity presents their tribute to those "creepy and kookie" members of the Addams Family in their A Cappella stage production
- left to right -
Craig "Fester" Ewing,
Dan "Gomez" Jordan,
Martin "Lurch" Fredstrom and Gregg "Itt / Thing" Bernhard
Hi-Fidelity in another of their five appearances as The Freud-Tones on George LOPEZ TONIGHT with WWE wrestler Chris Jericho 
- left to right -
Gregg Bernhard, Martin Fredstrom, Chris Jericho, Dan Jordan
and Craig Ewing
The 139th Street Quartet on the NBC TV show NURSES starring Loni Anderson 
- left to right -
Dan Jordan,
Doug Anderson, Loni,
Dr.Jim Kline and Pete Neushul
Here's a classic example of "Hollywood" using the best local singers for a studio recording and television gig only for it to end up being a "lip-sync" group (in unison). Look and see who I contracted for this gig on the WB's GILMORE GIRLS television show Episode called "Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer." 
(front to back / left to right)
Bob Hartley of Metropolis - Bruce Cooper of Vocalworks - Mike McGee of Metropolis
Dan Jordan of The Perfect Gentlemen & The 139th Street Quartet
Jim Kline of The 139th Street Quartet - Phil Gold of The Alley Cats
Tim Reeder of The Perfect Gentlemen - Mike Geiger of Vocalworks
Pete Neushul of The 139th Street Quartet
Jim Campbell of The Perfect Gentlemen - Mike Barger of The Dapper Dans of Disneyland
and (top center) Doug Anderson of The 139th Street Quartet
Gilmore Girls Lazy Hazy Crazy Days http://www.youtube.com/watch?v-dpmP5XO3EDo
The Dappers Dans of Disneyland (circa 1992) as The Be-Sharps
on THE SIMPSONS Episode 9F21 - "Homers Barbershop Quartet"
Mike Economou as Apu - Shelby Grimm as Barney
Dan Jordan as Homer and Jim Campbell as Principal Skinner
The Dapper Dans on The Simpsons http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pURFU3pL93o
The Perfect Gentlemen with Actor and Comedian TOM WILSON (Biff from the Back to the Future trilogy)
- left to right -
Tim Reeder, Jim Campbell,
Tom Wilson, Phil Gold and
Dan Jordan
The "Whip-And-Snaps" quartet on ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT singing with actor Davis Cross as part of a "leather boys" barbershop quartet who sing at the Gothic Arsehole. Season 1, Episode 9 "Storming The Castle" Airdate: 1-4-2004
- left to right - Bill New,
John Sherburn, David Cross
and Dan Jordan
Arrested Development and The Whip and Snaps Quartet 
The Perfect Gentlemen
co-headlining with
at the famous Coach House
- left to right -
Jim Campbell, Tim Reeder,
Dan Jordan and Mike Economou with The Persuasions
The Perfect Gentlemen backstage with TAKE 6 (well Take 3) after a concert at the Barclay Theatre in Irvine..."hey, Alvin Chea's got one of our CDs in his hand...nice choice!
- left to right -
Jim Campbell, Mike Economou,
Dan Jordan, Alvin Chea,
David Thomas, Tim Reeder and
Cedric Dent 
The Perfect Gentlemen
co-headlining with ROCKAPELLA
at the Galaxy Concert Theatre
- left to right -
Tim Reeder, Dan Jordan,
Jeff Thatcher, Jim Campbell,
Scott Leonard, Elliott Kerman,
Kevin Wright, Barry Carl
and Mike Economou
The Perfect Gentlemen
co-headlines with A Cappella
legends THE BOBS at McCabe's
in Santa Monica
left to right -
Richard "Bob" Greene,
Tim Reeder, Dan "Bob" Schumacher, Phil Gold,
Amy "Bob" Engelhardt,
Matthew "Bob" Stoll, Dan Jordan and Jim Campbell 
The Perfect Gentlemen with the remaining members of the legendary HI-LO'S! at the Baked Potato as part of a live jazz radio web-cast.
- back left to right -
Dan Jordan, Phil Gold,
Jim Campbell and Tim Reeder
front left to right -
Clark Burroughs & Don Shelton
The Perfect Gentlemen were hired as the official voices of the TWILIGHTERS quartet as part of the Home Depot Depot's 3-D Wondershow at the Atlanta Aquarium Playing for 1000's of vistors each week.
- left to right -
Tim Reeder (baritone / blue)
Jim Campbell (bass / purple)
Phil Gold (tenor / green)
Dan Jordan (lead / red)
The Perfect Gentlemen were hired as the "deceased/ghost minors" quartet to sing the vocal soundtrack at DOLLYWOOD's MYSTERY MINE ride, the only under and above-ground roller-coaster. From the time you get into your ore cart you hear the "Mystery Mine" song is sung as the animatronic "deceased/ghost miners" pick at rocks and load the ore carts. Next time your in Pigeon Fork, TN check it out and get ready to harmonize with TPG!
Hi-Fidelity was part of a pilot television for a cable show called LATE NIGHT SNACK with host Legion Anders. We appeared and sang on two segments: First we were dressed as the members of Star Trek (60s TV version) where we sang two original arrangements and in the second segment in which we were asked if we could sing some of the more "popular' styles of music (a cappella) ala Beyonce' and Sir Mix-A-Lot!   
Some of the busiest vocal harmony voiceover guys were hired as singing Elf quartet in CHRISTMAS IS HERE AGAIN. The DVD stars: Jay Leno, Ed Asner, Kathy Bates, Andy Griffith, Shirley Jones, Brad Garrett and (l to r) Phil Gold, Dan Jordan, Sherry Hackney Cade (music director), Matt Smith and Bill Lewis
The Perfect Gentlemen starred as School Board Quartet in the Southcoast Symphony's production of The Music Man.
Here are some shots with Harold Hill and Marcellus Washburn - Conductor: Barry Silverman
left to right (both pictures): Tim Reeder, Jim Campbell, Phil Gold and Dan Jordan
The Perfect Gentlemen were hired by the Wojahn Brothers to supply the voiceover vocal harmony for GameStop's Batman: ArkhamAsylum video game promotional Internet promotional commercial whereby if the player beats the Joker then Batman fights with various skeletons in an "in the round" fight while the song "Dem Bones" is sung. This is also a bonus feature on the official game itself.  
The Perfect Gentlemen, along with other Los Angeles based singers auditioned for the SUNTORY Company's ad campaign for the new beverage called Minus 196c (-196c).
These 20 men traveled to Tokyo for 5 days to rehearse and record two high-energy 15 second commercials IN JAPANESE!
Standing 5th 6th 7th & 10th from the left (front) is Tim Reeder, Dan Jordan, Phil Gold and Jim Campbell. Additionally Tim, Dan and Phil were selected for an extra cartoon/commercial used on the Suntory official web-site.
ADDITIONAL PRODUCTIONS (some with missing photographs or audio/video links, but important none-the-less)
Hi-Fidelity (with some part flopping): Dan Jordan (tenor), Gregg Bernhard (lead), Martin Fredstrom (bass) and a little help from one of our subs, Richard Stanford (baritone). We appreared as "The Ben Show Quartet" singing random "Tweets" set to the tune "Yankee Doodle Dandy" (arranged by another Hi-Fidelity sub and resident on-call arranger: Ken Potter) - Guests included: Sean "Diddy" Combs and Mark Walberg and Ben Hoffman. 
BIG BROTHER 8 - USA Network - Episode: "Weirdness in the Backyard" (2007)
The 139th Street Quartet - Doug Anderson, Dan Jordan, Pete Neushul, Dr. Jim Kline
Episode from Season 8
BLOSSOM - NBC Television (1992)
(Filmed at Disneyland singing the same song over and over till told to shut up) 
The Dapper Dans of Disneyland - Mike Economou, Shelby Grimm, Dan Jordan, Jim Campbell
Episode: "Of Mice and Men" (1992)
The Dapper Dans on Blossom
BONNIE HUNT SHOW - CBS Television (2010)
(Recorded jingles using various barbershop "tags" with new lyrics) 
The Perfect Gentlemen - Phil Gold, Bob Hartley, Dan Jordan, Jim Campbell
LATE NIGHT SNACK with LEGION ANDERS - Cable Network Pilot Episode (2011)
Hi-Fidelity - Craig Ewing, Dan Jordan, Gregg Bernhard, Martin Fredstrom
(We appeared in "Star Trek" costumes and performed a cappella / vocal harmony arrangements of "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix-A-Lot, "Put A Ring On It" by Beyonce' and "Hot In Here" by Nelly)
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