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I created this website to update my business associates, family and friends on past adventures, upcoming events, re'sume's, photo scrapbook, videos and more!

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I Joined the Barbershop Harmony Society in 1974

AFWDC Quartet Champion



INTERNATIONAL Quartet Champion

Lead - The New Tradition - 1985

INTERNATIONAL Quartet 4th Place Medalist

Lead - The Grand Tradition - 1980, 82, 83

Lead - The 139th Street Quartet - 1992


Lead / Bari - The Perfect Gentlemen - 2002


Lead - Hi-Fidelity - 2008

I began singing barbershop in 1971 and was sponsored by Regnal Hall and Jack Kelley when I joined the Crescenta Valley Chapter in 1974. My first award was the George Sanders Barbershopper Award, presented to the outstanding Senior for three years of dedication to the Young Men in Harmony program at Burbank High School.

My high school quartets included: The BHSers, The Good Time Harmonies, The New Arrangement, The School Board 4 (The Music Man),

and THE 4-HIGHERS, which won the 1977 FWD SW Divisional Contest and placed 6th at the FWD Finals the same year.

Upon the departure of our lead Shawn

Stevens, I was asked to switch parts and sing lead with THE GRAND TRADITION 1977 FWD 5th Place place medalists - tenor Dave Garstang, Baritone Bob Gray Jr., and Bass Terry Monks. My first appearance with The Grand Tradition was in January of 1978 as the outgoing So-Cal Novice Quartet Champions.

Next stop was the Far Western District International prelims in March of '78 where the GT were alternates to the International convention in Cincinnati.

A new quartet had formed in the spring of 1983 called CALIFORNIAN'S FOR TRADITIONAL GOOD TIME MUSIC with tenor John Sherburn of the 1970 FWD Champion quartet - The Crown City Good Time Music Company, baritone Bob Gray, Jr., of The Grand Tradition and bass Burt Staffen, former bass of The Californians - 1971 FWD Champions. The quartet placed 4th at the 1983 FWD finals. 

A mere 45 days after this contest a new quartet was formed. Burt was replaced on bass by John Miller of the 1979 International Quartet Champion, Grandma's Boys. They selected a new name, and THE NEW TRADITION was formed on December 3rd, 1983. TNT placed 2nd at the FWD prelims in March of 1984, 7th place in July at the International contest in St. Louis, and 1st place in October at the FWD contest in Bakersfield. We then went on to place 1st at the Intl. prelims in Fresno in 1985 and were then crowned Gold medal quartet champions in Minneapolis in July of the same year. TNT unofficially retired in 1989, but has sung on at least one show each year for the past 22 years. The quartet celebrated its 25th Anniversary in Philadelphia in 2010. 

In late 1987 I joined a new quartet called NIGHTLIFE with tenor Rob Menaker, baritone Jeff Baker and bass Brian Philbin. The quartet placed 2nd at the 1988 FWD finals and qualified for the International competition in Kansas City in July of 1989, but did not compete due to a part change (Brian was replaced by Brett Littlefield). This combination of the quartet went on to place 3rd in 1989 at the FWD finals.

After the 1989 Fall contest, I left Nightlife and started singing with !THE AMIGOS! tenor Curt Hutchison and bass Terry Heltne of The Classic Collection - 1982 Intl. Quartet Champions, and baritone Bob Gray, Jr. The quartet placed 2nd at the 1990 FWD finals and performed on 15 shows until we went our separate ways in the Spring of 1991.

I then auditioned and became a member of THE DAPPER DANS OF DISNEYLAND in late 1988 and sang baritone with the quartet until the summer of 1995. During this period of my singing/entertaining career the group was morphed into several other vocal groups inside of Disneyland; The Grease Monkeys, The Toon Tones, The Jones Boys, Danny and The Dappers and even the Mouseketeers. We appeared on Disney videos, television specisl, specail events, sang the National Anthem for the Anaheim Ducks and the Angels, and even became Homer's Barbershop Quartet (The Be-Sharps) on the Simpson, singing (and assisting with the arranging of) "Baby On Board."

In the summer of 1991 I was asked to join THE 139th STREET QUARTET. This legendary quartet, consisting of Doug Anderson (tenor), Jim Meehan (lead), Pete Neushul (baritone), and Jim Kline (bass) formed in 1975 and before I had the opportunity to sing with these guys, they had three leads prior to my joining the exclusive ranks. Jim Meehan (1975-1978) Silver medals in 1977, then Larry Wright (1978-1988) Bronze medals in 1979 and 1987, then John Sherburn (1988-1991) Bronze medals in 1989 and 1991 and Silver medals in 1990. I took home a 4th place Bronze medal in 1992 and we went on to record with Neil Diamond on his two Christmas CDs in 1992 and 1994, the first US Quartet to Tour Russia, Gold and Muli-Platinum Recording Awards (only barbershop quartet to ever receive such awards from the RIAA),

 we appeared on Nurses with Loni Anderson, Big Brother 8, and Neil Diamond's HBO and ABC TV Specials. I appeared on numerous shows with the quartet through 1997.We continued singing on shows and special events through 2010. In 2006 after much work and gathering of pictures and background information, we released a 3-CD (64 song) collection, featuring all four leads and special guests. This "Collection" is available through: and 

Two other quartets were formed and enjoyed some fun times together, they were: HOT PIPES - tenor John Sherburn, baritone Larry Wright, and bass Jim Campbell.

We placed 4th at the 1997 FWD Finals.

When Larry left the quartet, a new baritone was added (Scott Kidder) and a new name too...we became known as THE ACAFELLAS and qualified for the FWD Finals in 1998, but disbanded when John left to tour the world with the 50s group The Diamonds.

In 1998 I formed THE PERFECT GENTLEMEN with original members Mike Economou, Tim Reeder and Jim Campbell. This combo sang together through 2005 at which time Phil Gold joined the group, replacing Mike who had moved to North Carolina. We've had several subs throughout the years, including: Bob Hartley (Metropolis), Mike Geiger (Vocalworks), Pete Neushul (The 139th Street Quartet), Ken Potter (Quadraphonics), 

Mike Barger (The Dapper Dans), Bruce Cooper (Vocalworks), and Matt Smith (The Dapper Dans).TPG won the FWD Novice Award in 1999, the FWD SW Divisional title in 2001 and 3rd Place medals at the FWD Finals in 2001. They won the title of Harmony Sweepstakes National A Cappella Champions in 2002 and have appeared in 18 countries and 38 states as well as numerous appearances on television, radio, voiceovers and the legitimate stage. We've recorded 3 CDs and one Live DVD. Three tours of England, two tours to Brazil, appearances onthree major cruise lines and many celebrity appearances, including Justin Timberlake, John Secada and Gene Simmons. Our edcational show "100 Years of Harmony" in lauded as one of the best in the country. The group is still performing to this day.

Another quartet was formed with the hopes of competing at the 2007 FWD Finals. This time it was TAG (The A Cappella Group) with original TPG tenor Mike Economou, baritone Sam Papageorge and bass Adam Kitt. The quartet went in different directions, but sang on two shows with a very cool repertoire featuring very BIG tags.....Jezzzz-eee-bell !!!

In May of 2008 I was asked to sing lead with HI-FIDELITY - 2005 FWD Champions, 2002 Buckeye Invitational Quartet Champions, 2006 CARA Recording Award winners and 2006 Harmony Sweepstakes National A Cappella Champions. I went on to win the 2008 Pan Pacific Championship title with them. The members of Hi-Fi are: tenor Craig Ewing, baritone Gregg Bernhard and bass Martin Fredstrom. 

Hi-Fi has revived TNT's Star Trek package, developed and since revived their own Addams Family package, and an all-new Elvis...Unplugged package.

And then....34 years later THE HALLMARKS (formerly The 4-Highers) reunited to sing at the memorial services for their music teacher, Regnal Hall. The Hallmarlks placed 2nd at the 2011 SW Divisional contest and qualified for the FWD finals in Fresno in October.

My years of barbershop singing has also placed me inthe position of Chapter Secretary, DME for the FWD, FWD Marketing & PR Chairman, chapter show chairman (6 times), AIC show chairman , Editor of the AIC Medallion newsletter, Co-Founder and two-time president (1978-1984 & 1986-1988) of the AFWDC (Association of Far Western District Quartet Champions) quartet and chorus coach, FWD Harmony College faculty member, Certified Judge (stage presence) for 10 years, Dapper Dans alumni coordinator for the 50th Anniversary celebration at the 2009 Intl. convention, and archivist. I have also submitted my resume and cirriculum vitae to the Barbershop Harmony Society for the position of CEO results will be published this July 2012.



I am owner/producer at 1234 Productions (since 1996) We are an artist representation and production company featuring the "A" List of Look-A-Likes, Models, tribute Shows and Variety Acts. My artists have been seen on major commercials, live stage productions, voiceovers, cruise lines and at celebrity events.


As an actor/singer, I have appeared on The Simpons (Homer's Barbershop Quartet - voice of Homer), Nurses, ER, Blossom, Gilmore Girls, Big Brother 8, Gene Simmons Family Jewels, Arrested Development (the Whip'n'Snaps),, Suntory, Neil Diamond's HBO & ABC Specials, Bonnie Hunt Show, Dollywood's Mystery Mine Ride, Deepo's 3D Undersea Adventure at the Atlanta and Long Beach Aquarium's, Christmas at Disneyland, It's Christmas Time Again, and the ESPY Awards with Justin Timberlake, The Music Man, I Remember Mama, The Bad Seed, A Day In His Life (John Lennon story as Host Doug Michaels), and Oklahoma to name a few.


Born: January 1957

Hometown: Emporia, Kansas

Moved to California in 1963

Have lived in: Gardena, Inglewood, Burbank and Glendale

Single and extremely proud father of three talented (grown) children:

Danny Jr. - Television producer and product placement executive.

Nicole - Personal assistant and sales executive.

Matthew - Budding artist currently studying videography & production. 



Height: 5’11 Hair: Gray / Eyes: Hazel

Weight: 207 lbs. Voice: 2nd Tenor / Baritone


STAGE (Representative)

The Music Man                              The Quartet–Ewart Dunlop (Tenor 2)

Gary Goddard, director                             South Coast Symphony Orchestra

A Day In His Life                             Doug Michaels

Neal Warner, writer/director                     William Morris Agency

Philip Wegener, producer                          National Performing Arts Tour

Still Life                                        Lemon

Joe Lanzisero, writer/director                  The Starlight Bowl

The Bad Seed                                Announcer / Rodney

William Pfeffler, director                          Theatre in The Round

Oklahoma!                                     Jud Fry

Shelly Harmon, director                            Community Productions

The Music Man                              The Quartet–Jacey Squires (1 Tenor)

Deane Wolfson, director                           Burbank Operetta Productions

Regnal Hall, music director

I Remember Mama                          Mr. Hyde

Frederich Arbogast, director                    The Actors Company

VARIETY (Representative)

Fathers’ Follies (Soloist)                       Glendale Community College (6 years)

Toontown Welcome Blast (Leakie)          Disneyland (6 months)

Afternoon Avenue (Bing)                        Disneyland (4 months)

Indiana Jones Grand Opening                Disneyland (Jones Boys - 3 Months)

VOCAL GROUPS (Representative)

The New Tradition(Lead Vocals)         World Tour – International Champions

The 139 Street Quartet (Lead/Soloist)   Neil Diamond’s Christmas CDs and TV Special

The Dapper Dans (Baritone)                   Disneyland

The Perfect Gentlemen (Lead Vocals)    USA-Brazil-England-Canada-Mexico-Caribbean-others

Hi-Fidelity (Lead Vocals)                       X-Box. Roto-Rooter, Living Spaces, Late Night Snack


The Simpsons (Homer/Homer’s Barbershop Quartet), A Fish Story – Deepo’s 3D Undersea Adventure / Atlanta & Long Beach Aquarium (Bioluminescent Fish Quartet), Christmas is Here Again (Singing Elf + Background Voices), The Bonnie Hunt Show (Jingles), Gamestop - Batman: Arkham Asylum (Dem BonesQuartet), Dollywood (Underground Mine Rollercoaster Ride / Animated Miners - Quintet)

TELEVISION (Representative - Featured)

Neil Diamond’s ABC & HBO TV Specials, ER, The Simpsons (Homer’s Barbershop Quartet 9F21), Arrested Development (Storming The Castle 1AJD08), Blossom (Of Mice and Men), Nurses (Send in the Gowns), (5 National commercials), Gilmore Girls (Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days 175001), The ESPY’s with Justin Timberlake, Gamestop (Batman: Arkham Ayslum), The Bonnie Hunt Show (Jingles), Gene Simmons Family Jewels (E! Television - Rootin' Tootin' Gene), Big Brother 8, Direct to DVD: Christmas is Here Again, Christmas at Disneyland – The George Lopez show, The Sunory Company (Japan) -196c beverage campaign), TV Segments: The BBC, ABC, CBS, KCOP, KTTV, NBC, FOX, KDOC.

MOVIES (Representative - Extra Casting)

The Italian Job, Sea Biscuit, Christmas is Here Again, Yes Man, Born on the 4th of July,

Dumb and Dumber, Anger Management

TRAINING (Representative)

ACTING & THEATRE ARTS: Deane Wolfson, Ken Gray, Guido Girardi, Tad Anheier, Joe White

COMEDY: Stand Up Comedy & Improv – The Ice house, Out of The Box, Groundlings

DANCE: Alex Plassheart, John Sherburn (Basic Tap), Kwi Bin Pae (Movement)

VOICE: Professor Regnal Hall, Dr. Roy Klassen, Dr. Paul Mayo, Dr. Thomas Shipp

SPECIAL SKILLS (Representative)

Sight Reading, Vocal Harmony, Artist Management, Stage Director, Voiceovers, Comedy Writing, Show Production, Casting Director, Dialects, Coaching, Lecturer, A Cappella Afficionado


Multiple Gold & Platinum Recording Awards, International Quartet Championship, Multiple Bronze Medalist Quartet Awards, National A Cappella Championship, Pan-Pacific Quartet Championship, Two time Far Western District Quartet Champion


The Grand Tradition “From The First Hello” / The New Tradition “Dynamite,” “Clowning Around,” and “Sgt. Peplers Homely Tarts Pub Band,” The Dapper Dans of Disneyland “Happy Days” / The Perfect Gentlemen “Beside Ourselves” “….Style!” “4 Beers and 10 Tags” “Room Service” and “Live! In Paradise” / Neil Diamond and The 139 Street Quartet “Christmas Vol. I,” “Christmas Vol. II,” and “Cherry, Cherry Christmas” / The Simpsons “Songs in the Key of Springfield” and others . . . .



Telephone/Text/Voicemail:818 -395-3868



“Having worked with many of the entertainment industries’ finest people, I take pride in myself for being able to demonstrate a natural talent for reaching out to both young and old, offering a fresh and dynamic approach to the world of entertainment. With over twenty-five years of experience working for major clients worldwide, I have earned a reputation amongst management and peers, as someone who brings new visions the world of vocal harmony, and remains in-tune with public needs and wants. I have extensive experience in the non-profit (501c3) world and additional experience as a casting director, event producer, artist representative, tour promoter, entertainer, motivational speaker/teacher, creative educational programming, music and video production, as well as script-writing, costuming, promotional marketing, branding, and public relations. I am a 38 year member of the Barbershop Harmony Society. Plain and simple, if there’s someone with more desire and passion to revive our organization, I haven’t met him.”

“My credentials and contacts are an asset to any organization looking for a seasoned professional who’s capable of getting the job done, within budget, while increasing membership, a strong database, merchandise sales and an overall awareness of the organization’s mission. I will make sure we grow, prosper and enjoy the longevity and rewards of our collective efforts.”

______________________________________ OVERVIEW _____________________________________________


Experienced in the strategic planning, development and management of international business operations, with specific expertise in the entertainment industry, as well as 37 years in the field of a cappella and vocal harmony. Consistently successful in analyzing and increasing membership, studying market trends and capitalizing on global opportunities to create high-profit, high-visibility partnerships through product development, brand positioning, and innovative marketing/media solutions.

  • Profit & Loss Management
  • Corporate Image/Branding
  • Strategic Planning and Alliance Building
  • Business Expansion
  • Exceptional Contract Negotiator
  • Media Planning
  • Market Analysis & Trends
  • Business Development & Goal Achievement
  • Fund Raising
  • City, State, County and Government Awards & Commendations
  • Six Gold and Six Platinum Record Awards
  • Two Multi-Platinum Record Awards
  • Founder/CEO – Save The Arts Today (STAT) 501c3
  • Producer, Manager and Performer on over 3500 shows and tours throughout he United States, Great Britain, Canada, Russia, Germany, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, the Caribbean, Costa Rica, Iceland, Norway, Denmark and the West Indies
  • Media Planning and Marketing, Business Development, Promotions, Fund Raising Activities and Production work for a variety of non-profit organizations and associations including: Hollywood Entertainment Museum, Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barber Shop Quartet Singing in America, Sweet Adeline’s International, Big Brothers of America, Boy Scouts of America, DCBID, LAEDC, Plaza (NY), Wilshire Grand, Omni, Hyatt Regency and Marriott Hotels.
  • Recording project coordinator for various artists including: The Hi-Lo’s!, The New Tradition, The Perfect Gentlemen, The Alley Cats, Revolution, Surfin’ Safari, The Diamonds, Hi-Fidelity, Trio Ellas, and others.
  • Multiple ASCAP Artist Awards
  • 1 Round GRAMMY consideration 1999-2000-2001-2003-2008
  • Cofounder and Producer of the World AcappellaFest
  • Artist Representative for: Revolution, Knight Riot, The Perfect Gentlemen, Steve Williams, The Alley Cats, Darren Radeff, The New Tradition, and others.

_______________________________ PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE ____________________________


Entertainment, Education and Special Events

Partner – October 1998 to current

Contact: /

As one of the founding partners, we supply entertainment to various concert venues, educational markets, cruise lines, private events, fairs, festivals, casinos and other events throughout the world. I have developed hundreds of contacts, recordings, teaching, sales and seeking out and supplying marketing and promotional needs with a devoted Web presence, Facebook, YouTube, Email advertising and more. We are currently on five educational rosters from Santa Maria to San Diego and perform and work with educational entities throughout the United States. We recently celebrated our 14 year together.


Media Sales, Events, Marketing and Promotions

Executive Director / Producer - January 2003 to Current

Contact: /

As the Executive Director and Producer, I have developed accounts with several top companies and celebrities including: SONY, WARNER BROTHERS, FOX TELEVISION, THE HOUSE OF BLUES, ROYAL CARIBBEAN INTERNATIONAL, TOM HANKS & RITA WILSON, STEVEN SPIELBERG, MGM GRAND HOTEL AND CASINO, STUDIO 54, AMWAY, THE CITY OF LOS ANGELES, as well as STATE, LOCAL and COUNTY FAIRS & FESTIVALS in the USA and Europe.


Business Development, Events and Promotions

Director of Events – September 2006 to October 2008

As the Director of Events, I was responsible for all aspects of events and fundraising for companies in the construction market. Working closely with the Board of Directors, I handled contract negotiations, audio-visual requirements, event budget, menu selection, room design and set up, lighting, staging and sound systems, special effects, signage, script-writing, promotional materials, awards, registration process, photography, and press coverage. In addition, I worked closely with industry leaders, celebrities and dignitaries at award presentations handling transportation needs, hotel reservations, flights, rental cars, and hosting. I worked with Microsoft software and related art/layout programs, as well as Excel, the Internet and email. Our budget was over 5 million dollars per annum.

Partial list of companies and organizations I worked with:

  • The Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce
  • The Los Angeles Dodgers
  • The Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation
  • Los Angeles Center Studios


Director of Events & Production, Media, Marketing & Promotions

December 2000 to December 2002

Established in 1924, CCA is Los Angeles’ leading business membership organization representing over 500 businesses, trade associations and non-profits employing over 275,000 people in Los Angeles County. CCA is L.A.’s premiere business advocacy leader shaping public policy on a broad range of issues. CCA fulfills this mission to its members by:

  • Serving as the leading advocate for our business community members before the Los Angeles City Council, the County Board of Supervisors and the State Legislature.

As the DEP for CCA, I was responsible for all aspects of the monthly General Membership Meetings, the Executive Committee Meetings, the annual Treasures of Los Angeles Award Luncheon/Fundraiser, as well as coordination of all in-house and outside special events for new and existing members of CCA.

This included media coordination with all the majors, contract negotiations with the downtown hotels and suppliers, audio-visual needs, menu selection, food tasting, room design and set up, lighting, staging and sound equipment, special effects, signage, script-writing, promotional materials, awards, registration process, photography, and press coverage. The use of Microsoft software and related design/art/layout programs and Excel were all part of the daily work load.


Business Development, Sales, Media Relations, Marketing & Promotions

CEO - Producer - Artist Representative – 1997 to 2003

Established in 1997, GEMS, Inc. As personal manager and representative for musical groups, solo artists, and variety acts, my daily responsibilities include all facets of the entertainment, recording, and event planning business including: talent acquisition, contract negotiations, sales, advertising and promotion, merchandising, interaction with the media (TV, Radio, Newspaper, Web), interplay with various agents and agencies, talent buyer networks, fairs & festivals, cruise lines, corporate and private parties, as well as civic organizations and governmental agencies. I was responsible for event planning, development, production, stage direction and coordination with performers unions and associations, including: NARAS, SAG, AFTRA, AGVA, AEA, and the AFM. I managed a production staff of 22 and additional on-site staff up to 100 people. Close working relationships with city, state and federal departments plus the ABC licensing board as well as ASCAP and BMI Music Licensing. I worked with several 501c3 organizations including: The Special Olympics, The Southern California Contractors Association (SCCA), The Boy Scouts of America and the Hollywood Entertainment Museum. An average budget of 3.5 million dollars per annum.


Executive Manager

Marketing / Sales & Promotions – Nov. 1995 – Feb. 1997

Established in 1995, The Stars Theatre was a 3 million dollar revitalization project, geared to revive this classic 1926 movie house and re-emerge as an art-deco, live dinner theatre in the heart of the community. As the Executive Manager for this project, I was responsible for the daily operations of the upscale dinner theatre/club. I personally handled all facets of event planning, on-site facility rentals, contract negotiations, artist selection, advertising and promotions during my tenure with this solely owned operation. I hired and managed a staff of 28 employees, including the Director of Food & Beverage, Box Office Management, and the Technical Crew (sound, lighting and staging). The theatre was sold to an investment group in the early summer of 1997.

  • Developed and created a successful as campaign, coupled with a calendar of events for the theatre which resulted in $850,000 profit for the theatre in its first year of operation.
  • Personally handled the set up and site operation of the TicketMaster and the computerized wait staff and bar register reporting system.


Professional Entertainer - November 1989 – June 1995

As a member of this organization, I provided daily entertainment to over 10 Million guests. I gained union experience (AFTRA, AGVA and SAG), as well as numerous special events, press conferences, video production, studio recordings and community relations.


Operations Manager - May 1986 – July 1989

In this fast-paced, educational market based computer company, I handled the daily operations which included: A/R, A/P, payroll, employee insurance, phone sales, catalog work, direct advertising, ad placements and design, travel arrangements for a staff of six.

  • Negotiated contracts with suppliers and end-users, involving two to five million in annual sales
  • Scheduled current and future orders of equipment and printed materials to coincide with production requirements, thereby reducing warehouse inventory costs
  • Hired as Assistant Manager, promoted to Operations Manager after 1 year

________________________________ ACADEMIC PREPARATION ____________________________

  • 1972-1974 - Music and Theatre Arts – Burbank High School
  • 1975-1979 - B.A. - Business Administration – Cal-State Northridge
  • 1992-1994 - A.A. – Entertainment Management – Glendale C.C.
  • 1982-1983 - Broadcasting / Voiceovers – Don Martin School of Broadcasting
  • 1983-1984 - Audio Basics – Larrabee Sound Studios
  • 1985-1989 - Business Training – American Management Corporation
  • 1992-1994 - Business Seminars and Computer Training – GCC
  • 1994-current - Home Study - Event Coordination & Show Production
  • 1997-current - Home Study - Inside the Music Business
  • 1997-current - Trade Shows & Seminars – IAFE – WAA - WFA
  • 1998-current - Music Seminars - ASCAP & NARAS
  • 2001-2005 - Interior Design – Sheffield University of Design - NY

____________________________________ AWARDS ______________________________________

  • RIAA - Gold Record / Multi-Platinum Record Awards - Neil Diamond 1992, 94, 98
  • RIAA – Gold Record / Multi-Platinum Record Awards - The Simpsons 1996, 98, 2002
  • City of Los Angeles Commendations - 1985, 89, 92, 95, 99, 2000, 01, 02, 05, 08
  • City of Glendale Commendations - 1995, 96, 99, 2002, 03, 06
  • State of California Commendations 1994, 96, 2000, 02, 06
  • State Assembly Commendations 1994, 96, 99, 2001
  • State Senator Commendations 1995, 97, 2000, 03, 06
  • Governor of California Commendations 1985, 99, 2001, 02, 09
  • Far Western District Quartet Champion 1978 – The Grand Tradition
  • Far Western District Quartet Champion 1984 – The New Tradition
  • International Quartet Champion 1985 – The New Tradition
  • International 4 Place Bronze Medalist 1980, 1982, 1983 – The Grand Tradition
  • International 4 Place Bronze Medalist 1992 – The 139 Street Quartet
  • National A Cappella Champion 2002 – The Perfect Gentlemen
  • Pan Pacific Quartet Champion 2008 – Hi-Fidelity
  • ASCAP - Contemporary Music Awards 1992, 93, 95, 98, 99, 00, 03, 05, 08, 10

____________________________________ MEMBERSHIPS __________________________________

  • AFWDC – Co-Founder and Member since 1978
  • AIC – Member, Show Chairman and Medallion Newsletter Editor
  • AFTRA – Member since 1991
  • ASCAP - Voting Member since 1992
  • BABS – Associate Member since 2000
  • NARAS - Voting Member since 1998
  • SAG - Member since 1993
  • SPEBSQSA / BHS - Member since 1974

___________________ MEDIA / PRODUCTIONS - TV / RADIO / STAGE / VIDEO ______________________

  • Neil Diamond’s Christmas Special (ABC and HBO)
  • The Simpson’s “Homers Barbershop Quartet” (FOX)
  • Suntory -196c TV Ad Campaign – Tokyo, Japan
  • Amazon.Com - Five National Commercials
  • ESPY Awards with Justin Timberlake (backup vocalists) (ESPN)
  • Gene Simmons Family Jewels – Vocal appearance (A&E)
  • ER (NBC)
  • Arrested Development (Fox)
  • The Gilmore Girls (WB Network)
  • Big Brother 8 (ABC)
  • Dollywood - Mystery Mine Ride (Voiceover)
  • Game-Stop - Batman’s “Arkham Asylum” (video game / song)
  • Late-Night Snack with Legion Anders (guest vocal group)
  • George Lopez Tonight (multiple appearances as The Freud-Tones)
  • An Evening with Mitch Miller & the Rochester Symphony
  • David Frost Special with Anne Bancroft (ABC)
  • That Was The Week That Was (ABC)
  • Nurses with Loni Anderson (NBC)
  • Disney’s 4 of July Special (NBC)
  • PBS Videolog with Huell Howser (PBS)
  • Christmas at Disneyland (Video)
  • Disney Promo for Hollywood Christmas Parade (KCAL)
  • MLB All-Star Game Private Party at Sea World (NBC)
  • NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, KCAL, KTLA, OCN News (Los Angeles & Orange County)
  • KING TV (Seattle) - CBS Evening News (New York)
  • BBC TV (Birmingham, Blackpool, Leicester, London, Sheffield)
  • BBC Radio (Birmingham, Blackpool, Leicester, Liverpool, London, The Midlands)
  • Anaheim Ducks NHL - California Angels MLB - L.A. Dodgers MLB (Natl. Anthem)
  • Anthem Bullfrogs NRL - L.A. Lakers NBA - L.A. Clippers NBA (Natl. Anthem)
  • Toon Town Stage Show – Disneyland
  • The Music Man / The Bad Seed / I Remember Mama / A Day In His Life (Wm. Morris)
  • Bozo The Clown – WGN Chicago Remote
  • KCET 28 Music News (PBS) - ANN Armenian Network Interview
  • KNX News Radio, KRLA, KPCC, KKUP, KABC Talk Radio
  • Muzik Auf Berlin (Germany) - Radio Mockba (Russia)

______________________________________ REFERENCES _________________________________

  • John D. Miller – President – NBC Sports
  • Dr. James M. Kline – President – Manhattan Beach Dental Corp.
  • Ian Tolley – Director – Kitschinsync Productions UK
  • Grady Kerr – Historian - Barbershop Harmony Society
  • Gregg Bernhard – COO – Effective Health Systems
  • James P. Thompson – Attorney at Law / Circuit Judge – JPT Law Offices
  • Joe Connelly – 4-time International Champion – Barbershop Harmony Society
  • John Neal – Owner - Harmony Sweepstakes / Primarily A Cappella
  • Tim Piper – Professional Entertainer – Just Imagine (John Lennon)
  • Brian Jones – Product Specialist – DiscMakers